Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and crafts are great for learners of all ages. From preschool paper plate tambourines to fifth grade homemade thermometers, arts and crafts activities below will keep kids learning fun. Below you can find the sites that I use for my kids mission is to empower parents and teachers to help their children build essential skills and excel.

Activity Village was launched in September 2000 by mother of two Lindsay Small when she found herself falling in love with the internet and wanting to be part of it herself. Lindsay had discovered how useful the internet could be to a busy parent – providing inspiration, advice, and endless colouring pages at the click of a button – and she was soon providing her own unique “Activity Village” resources to a growing number of loyal parents, grandparents and teachers. has many good ideas for art and crafts for kids has many ideas for kids from kids’ games, activities, art and craft to outdoor games. Furthermore it contains parties ideas and family travel

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