How much TV is it ok for a child to watch?

Parents are asking if it is allowed to watch TV from the baby.

The first 2 years of life is very important for the development of the brain. The TV can steal valuable time from the interaction of the child with their parents, with the rest of the world, but of course the game itself. Children older than two years old can watch on average 1-2 hours a day provided that monitor quality programs.

Negative effects of television on child:


– The small children cannot easily distinguish imagination from reality. Attitude problems, nightmares and Difficulty in sleeping may be subsequent to exposure to scenes of violence on the TV monitor.

Risky behaviours

– The children watch television programs showing scenes of violence and include scenes of sex, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, etc.


– It is no longer acceptable to all and it has been demonstrated in various studies that TV causes obesity.

Impact of advertising

– Children are exposed to hundreds of advertisements every day, such as advertisements, games, food, beverages, etc.

Positive effects of television on child

  • The pre-school children can be helped and learn the alphabet.
  • Through educational programs can enrich their knowledge.

To derive another but more positively and less negatively affected by the TV is good to follow the rules below

  • Children from watching TV only in public areas of the house e.x. seating area.
  • All children must have a TV in the room.
  • You’re a good example for your child, and watching as soon as fewer television programs.
  • The TV is closed at the time of the facilities.
  • Place limits monitoring. Decide from the beginning of the week what programs will see your child and you are ready to follow.
  • Children do not attend when TV at the time studying.
  • If you watch TV with your child check that the program monitor is suitable for their age.
  • Give alternatives of entertainment on your child.

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