Tips and Tricks – food for kids

Children feel more energetic and active when eating properly. At the school age they can eat the same food with the rest of the family. Children should eat healthy options in a calm environment with stable and regular timetables. On the other hand, kids will decide if they are hungry and amount of food you want to eat.

Tips and Tricks

Give your child a variety of healthy food.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese
  • Chicken, dried vegetables, fish, goose, burger from lean meat, eggs, cereals and wholemeal bread

Do not wait for the child to clean completely the dish.

At the age of 4 years many children are picky eaters. Do not push to eat something that they do not want but your way give rise to begin the child to test.

Regular, stable meals and snacks is the basic rule.

The establishment of a stable daily feeding program for the child is the most important step to healthy nutrition. You have fixed timetables for the meals. Three main meals include: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2-3 intermediate snacks are satisfactory.

Sit down to eat together with your child.

The company you love children and feel that they are going to spend time with you. In this way does not feel oppressed people to eat.

The best drinks are water and milk.

Small portions for young children.

Pay attention to the size of the consignment of food you give your child. Deliver the food in small dish and with a small fork/spoon. Do not wait for that one child will eat as an adult. Give your child a meat or fish as the timescales. Encourage your child to eat what they want and if it wishes to choose the proportion. It is not uncommon to see his grandmother to fill a large plate for the small child and starts to scold that child never ate anything!

Involve your child in the process of cooking but also in the running of the table for a beautiful, peaceful family meal. At the same time, talk to the child to feed. Try to pass the message that the various types of foods is a jigsaw when referbished seems definitely better. In this way, passing the message in an indirect way to learn the variety of food and eat selectively.

In the age of 4-5 years children are ready to learn correct ways when eating at the table. Can use the spoon and fork as an adult. With your help to teach kids how to use the knife. At the same time you can teach in child not to speak with the mouth full of food, to use the towel and be seated in the chair.

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