Chicken roll-ups


1 wrap or tortilla


1-2 tbsp houmous

3 fat slices cooked chicken breast (Leafovers)

¼ avocado, taken out of its skin

3 cherry tomatoes

cheddar,  grated to make about 1 tbsp


Put a wrap on a board or plate. Spread the houmous onto the middle of it using a spoon or butter knife.

Tear up the chicken in a line to the middle of the wrap. Chop the avocado and put it next to the chicken.

Squish the tomatoes onto the wrap by squeezing them and tearing them in half.  Sprinkle on some cheese.

Roll up the wrap and press it down firmly.

First Grader Reading tips & tricks

I found an article how to help my first grader girl to read. Games are an easy way to help her. A good way is to play word games and board games. One more way is to help the child fix her own reading errors, make her helpful questions to find the correct answer. It’s important to encourage her write a bit each day like the shopping list “milk…” or write important date on his/her calendar. It’s very important to talk to your child’s teacher very often.

source: PBSparents






Drinking bottle that we use

Top drinking bottles that we use for our kids.

alfi isoBottle

The best of all they have 10 year warranty. They last long time. The water stay cold for long time.  They have many kids friendly designs. Its very easy to clean this bottle. My kids love them.  View for alfi isoBottles at eBay


They have many kids friendly designs. My kids love them. You can get several parts like caps and other parts.


Made by from BPA free its impact resistant and dishwasher safe Eastman Tritan copolyester. The lid can open with one-handed with push button. Ii has flip up carrying loop. The grip is with ergonomically design.

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